The rules of engagement :

Never forget.

Never forget.

  1. Forgive your enemy, but remember the bastard’s name.
  2. Money can’t buy happiness, but it’s way more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes, than it’s on a bicycle.
  3. Help someone, when they’re in trouble, and they’ll remember you, when they’re in trouble again. *le sigh*
  4. Many people are alive today, only because it’s illegal to shoot them.
  5. Alcohol doesn’t solve any problems, then again neither does milk.

 — The Rules of Engagement.

I’ve never been the ‘ forgiving ’ type, nor the forgetful type. 😉

Target : Self. 

Focus on yourself.

Focus on Yourself.

Focus on Yourself.

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When I first started out as an artist, I was constantly comparing myself to the people I looked up to. I was so afraid to share anything I had done, because it wasn’t even close to what my idols were creating. When I finally realized that I was harming myself and my growth as an artist by comparing myself, I started to grow quickly. Everyone has their own story, their own influences, and their own experiences. Comparing ourselves to others is one of the most harmful things we can do to our growth as artists and as people in general.

~ foy : 3

Needed to see this.

Target : Self.

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Beautiful equations.


E = MC^2

The faster you move, the heavier you get.

F_G = \frac{GM_1M_2}{R^2}

The greater the distance, the lesser the force of attraction.


The faster you move through space, the slower you move through time.

S = \frac{C^3KA}{4\hslash{G}}

Information entering black holes, are lost forever.

S = K_{\log}W

The tendency to move from order to disorder, increases as time progresses.

F = \frac{KQ_1Q_2}{R^2}

Opposite charges attract, similar charges repel.

\LaTeX | MathJax

PS : ↑ In order to display math — on my Tumblr — I need to escape the \ you see in front of these symbols: [, ], ( and ) ‽


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\(Use math inline \)

How weird is that ?

Things to remember, when you want to say “ **no** ” : Assert yourself, and ask for what you want …


  1. If I say “no” to someone and they get angry, this does not mean I should have said “yes.”
  2. Saying “no” does not make me selfish.
  3. Although I want to please the people I care about, I do not have to please them all the time.
  4. It is okay to want or need something from someone else. 
  5. My wants and needs are just as important as those of anyone else.
  6. I have the right to assert myself, even if I may inconvenience others. 

Target : Self.

This reminds me of Eon — The Way, by Greg Bear.

Eon — The Wayroguetelemetry :

Amalthea by Hamsterfly.

Reminds me of #Eon — #The Way, by #Greg Bear.

 — Search query.

Shallow depth of field.

brookshawphotography :

This Chameleon picture was literally the first photo I took when I first got a DSLR camera and nice lens (50mm f/1.4).

I still really love the shallow Depth Of Field (DOF) in this shot…

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings …


The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Summarized in Fan Art
Meet artist breathing2004. He manages to summarize the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Ring beautifully through a few pieces of evocative, majestic artwork.
Reminder: it took Peter Jackson about 20 hours of film to tell the same story.

To see more of our favorite pieces, click here!

Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I know what this post needs …










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Once upon a photoshop …


Once Upon a Photoshop

part 3

Why do cats purr ?

Makes sense. lol

Fluorite with pyrite and calcite.

bijoux-et-mineraux :

Fluorite with Pyrite and Calcite – Bethel Level, North End, Annabel Lee mine, Harris Creek District, Illinois

Ian Moore’s work is a diverse assembly of …

pixelunion-staff :

User Spotlight | Ian Moore

Ian Moore‘s work is a diverse assembly of the furious and curious. His illustration has a surprisingly beneficial split not only between color and black and white work, but also between the modern and postmodern. A touch of Steadman and Basquiat, a smattering of cubism, and good ole’ surrealist face-mutations form a thick blanket of reference that only enhances Moore’s novelty and intensity.

Moore’s work appears deeply attuned to this kind of cross-pollination, having produced waterolor, ink drawings, and even street art. A few common elements help give an identity to these varied media, but the strongest is Moore’s incredible mastery of abstraction to add a frenetic depth to each piece. Even at its most viscerally weird and chaotic, Moore’s art never completely effaces its subjects/figures—there is in almost every case some core of divinely mad sentience undulating beneath the many gorgeous, absurdist strata. Moore’s work is, for these and many other reasons, wonderfully challenging and resonant.

Check out both of Ian’s blogs (Color | B&W), and grab our Effector theme here, for exactly zero money-things.

I want to live in a word, where …

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thank you.

Lustik: Kayan Kwok — Artists on Tumblr.

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Kayan Kwok

Artists on tumblr

Lustiktwitter | pinterest | etsy

Some people cross your path, and …

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Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan: The ALS — Ice Bucket Challenge.

Anthony Mackie & Sebastian Stan ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Bijoux et mineraux: Uranocircite — São Pedro claim.

bijoux-et-mineraux :

#Uranocircite#São Pedro Claim, #Malacacheta, #Mucuri Valley, #Minas Gerais, #Brazil


secrets of twilight

theartofanimation :

Dan Mumford